Nick Mango

Kickstarter 2011 Stats - Vindication?

A while back I did a pretty long and in depth review of Kickstarter. Well they just released their stats for 2011 and I thought I’d quickly revisit what I thought was true, but couldn’t prove.

In that post I claimed that Film and Video was the driving force behind Kickstarter. The only proof I had was the Top 100 Most Funded Projects, which said that 35 of these were in film and video, but only 5 were in Music. I also saw that most projects that were funded were in the $1000-$5000 category, which I assumed, was mostly music. Well the 2011 numbers are out, and they broke it down a little better for us.

Total Pledged



$19,801,685.21 pledged

3,653 successful projects

260,178 backers

Film & Video

$32,473,790.40 pledged

3,284 successful projects

308,541 backers

So here’s what we can decipher from these numbers. One is that Music was about 19.9% of the total money pledged. Film and Video was 32.7% of the total money pledged. That’s obvious math. But now look at the projects VS backers. FIlm and Video had about 400 less projects, but about 40,000 more backers. The reason is because Film and Video projects are bigger projects that require more pledges than a Music project, yet the cost of the standard reward is about the same. Think about it, an album and a DVD cost about the same amount. So most people will be pledging the amount it takes to get those items. Therefore you need more pledges to fund a Film and Video project.

I think I was vindicated by these 2011 numbers. Clearly my thoughts were correct. I also have a theory that they didn’t release the actual dollar amount for each category in their last press release, because it showed exactly what I stated in my previous post, that Kickstarter is really Filmstarter. These 2011 numbers do bring Music & Film and Video a little closer. A third of all money pledged is for film and video, but a fifth of all money is music. Not bad for music.