Nick Mango

Christmas Eve Hike

Yesterday morning Tom and I went for a hike in Blydenburgh County Park. We use to mountain bike there a lot when we were younger, and in better shape. Now we’ve been reduced to hiking. In a way though it works out cause it’s easier to think and talk while hiking. When your mountain biking on a single track, you’re really just doing your best not to fall into the lake or bust your nose on a low hanging tree limb.

I use this really good iPhone app called GPS Kit. It’s like a $20 app, which is pretty expensive for an app, but it’s worth it if you hike a lot. I have no idea why it thinks my max speed was nearly 40 mph. But the average speed is dead on. Also another interesting thing is it says we were stopped for almost 50 minutes, which we weren’t. But I guess it counts all the times you’re in one spot for a few seconds. Hmmm I think I just figured out why it thinks my max speed was 40 mph. If it thinks I was stopped for say 10 minutes, but I was actually moving, then when it saw that I was moving, I would be very far away from where I was when it thought I was last moving. Therefore it would assume I was moving extremely fast. I bet there’s something in the settings about accuracy, that might help this.

I think Tom and I are going to try and get on a hiking schedule. 7+ miles wasn’t that bad. Hither Woods in Montauk has longer trails. Maybe we’ll hit that once Blydenburgh gets real easy.