Nick Mango

More Distractions or More Piracy?

About a week ago Digital Music News put this image article up comparing Broadband penetration to album sales.

This relates to my recent post on I Live Sweat where I argued that distractions are a big reasons we don’t listen to music the same way we did in the past. When most people see this graph they immediately think about the growth of piracy. And I agree, piracy is a big part of it. But I also think it’s about having a whole new way to be entertained. The internet is our shiny new toy and we just can’t put it down. Not only this, but since it’s getting faster and more robust every day, it opens it up to more engaging technology, which in turn, distracts you more.

Album sales are also going to be fighting broadband because of all these new music streaming platforms. Many people say these platforms should increase music sales, but this hasn’t been proven yet. And If they don’t start charging users more for their service, I highly doubt it will ever improve sales. The reason being is, if the service is close to free, or completely free, why would you need to buy the album?